Autumn Bold Purple Eye

Hello beautiful people and welcome back….

So with summer over and we’re now in the autumn season, i decided to play with some blod colours and look the bold purple eye came out amazing it didnt even take as long as i thought it would, but i did need to blend more than usual to make it pop more. Below I’ll be listing the products used to create this look.


  • LA girl prop prep HD smoothing face primer
  • MAC pro longwear concealer in NC 50
  • MAC Face and body foundation in N9
  • Essence face luminizer palette
  • Bobbi to glow highlight trio


  • Essence eyebrow pencil and shadow


  • MAC lipglass


  • NYX ultimate eye shadow palette and NYX baked shadow


Enjoying ‘minimalist’ make-up

Hello beautiful people…

So let me get straight to the point you guys know I’m a huge beauty enthusiast and i enjoy all things beauty, but lately i have been enjoying the ‘low, no makeup look’ its been on trend for a while and at first i wasn’t into to it cause like what’s the point of the ‘no makeup’ look uggggh…but the more i tried the more i got into it and look i have been doing it for months now and its been amazing… It gives my skin that natural glow which i love.

I’ve also started using very minimal eyeshadow which has been hard because i looove i die for eyeshadow it makes my eyes pop darling but because I want to match my new look I’m getting into using minimal eyeshadow. I will be listing my favourite products to go to for tge minimal look.

  • Foundation ( Maybelline fit for me)
  • La girl concealer (toffee)
  • Mac lipgloss
  • Essence eyebrow palette
  • Essence eyeshadow palette
  • Mac minimalised finish powder




North West and it’s Gems

Hello beautiful people and welcome back

As you know I just came back from a holiday that was much needed. It was a birthday/baecation and boy was it lovely. The drive was amazing seeing the lovely mountains the greenery that South Africa has to offer was really breathe taking and one of the best experiences.

The North West is such a beautiful province with so much to offer it’s a province filled with so many gems and so much to do it really was a great trip.

We stayed at the Safari lodge and convention center in Rustenburg kloof a beautiful lodge that’s surrounded by mountains and forests, our room had a view so it was lovely waking up and seeing that for three days.

The first day we chilled and enjoyed the hotel and decided to see what it had to offer and just feel it out. We spent some time at the pool had some drinks and relaxed.

The second day started off on an early note, we woke up at 06:55 and hiked the maglies mountain that surrounds the area and what an intense experience it was beautiful but it was tiring, after the hike we went for a swim to end off our morning, we showered and had breakfast and we headed off to Sun City.

Sun city is one of North Wests greatest gems that place is beautiful and OUT OF THIS WORLD my goodness. First of all it is built around the Pilanesberg mountain you cannot see it until you see it a beautiful place that is African inspired and really does give off that authentic African feel. It is honestly a place you should go to if you haven’t yet.

On the third day/my birthday we started off with a morning walk it was a bit chilly so swimming didn’t seem like a great idea, we came back to the hotel and relaxed after a while we showered and has breakfast and as one of my birthday presents my boyfriend had organised a game drive at the Pilanesberg national park and wow wow wow firstly it was my first game drive and it will not be my last because wow what an experience the park it firstly 55000 hectares that’s a lot of land and has about 7000 animals. So we were in the literal wild and it was such a rush seeing the animals so up close and kinda personal was Wild(pun intended) we drove around for about six hours and we didn’t even see most of the animals. But I would suggest that once in your life you experience a game drive and the aweness that comes with.

North West is a really beautiful province with so much to offer and it is not an expensive place to visit.

Travel is really important and it honestly does not have to be international and it could be around your country seeing places that you wouldn’t see where you stay. Save up some money and make some amazing memories and it brodens your views and knowledge, you learn a lot when you travel.





Hello beautiful people and welcome back…

Now with summer almost coming to an end my boyfriend and i decided to take a short trip this coming weekend and boooy am i excited!!

Packing for a holiday can be really tricky whether the trip is long or short a girl can never have too much in their luggage right?? My boyfriend and I are headed for the North West for my birthday and I have been looking forward to this trip because a girl has been needing this holiday, a lot has been happening and I need to chill for a bit and relax.

I will be sharing what to pack for a short trip, fun things that are great for a holiday and what complements the weather since its summer and it’s warm that means short skirts, shorts, crops, sunnies and bikinis. I love a holiday be it, its short or long I always feel like I need a holiday. I will be posting a post about the trip and what we got up to and I’ll list the fun things to do there.





Hello beautiful and welcome back


So recently I gave myself a project a personal project to design/rearrange my room I have been wanting to for a while and I finally got to it and wow was it a lot and soon I will be doing a whole post on my bedroom, but this post is just about my little old cute and prettyful bedside table. Firstly it’s a wooden three legged tiny table and has all my necessities and by necessities I mean magazine a book I am reading for the time and old varsity textbooks turn into ‘coffee table’ books. The design is simple and blends in with the color scheme of my bedroom which you see in an upcoming post.










Hellooo beautiful people…


Welcome to the blog again so in today’s episode of blogging I will be blogging about my favorite summer lippies, it’s still summer and I am enjoying the warm days wearing less and enjoying cocktails and lovely picnics. Okay so I love make up so so much but I hardly ever do a full face I always keep it natural-ish but I do love a bold ass lip, lip-gloss, liquid lipsticks as well the lipsticks I love the lipsticks. Summer well really any season is a good season for a bold lip and I have a variety of picks.

It was hard picking which lipsticks are my favourite and I would love to share all my faves with you guys but I couldn’t it would be an endless list. So here goes I know most of you will know some of the lippies on the list and you probably use the brand so that great


  1. The one we all probably have and know and have used and is our go to MAC RUBY WOO it’s my favorite and it literally goes with any skin tone it looks good on anyday MAC lipsticks go for R210 now go get yourself one!!!!
  2. LA girl matte flat velvet lipstick now this is my favourite one it goes with any look and it can take you from day to night and from natural to bold its lovely it’s about R 100 I think I’m not sure, but get ladies it is great.
  3. Avon Mark love love love this lipstick it has a variety of shades the one I am currently using is the berry cute shade it’s a purple shade and it is amazing this range is really great and I would recommend it.
  4. Avon berry bold and plumberry these are two different shades the berry bold is a strong shade of pink very and the plumberry is a subtle shade of pink and both are lovely and go with any look for any day, the berry bold is great for a darker skin tone it pops more.




Learning to become my highest self and taking self care seriously


Hello beautiful and welcome to my blog space

So this post is a really really personal and a self introspection post and i hope someone can relate and this post helps them as well. So here goes….

After having a rocky and traumatic 3/4 years i have come to realize that i really suck when it comes to communicating and dealing with specific issues that bother me i tend to really shutdown and immediately put up a wall and literally just sink into an endless pity party and the last come of weeks leading up to the end of 2017 i had a lot to reflect on and a lot to rid myself off of and so far i have done some of the work, But now that it is a new year and i am looking to achieve things and become a better person and reach my fullest potential and really become my highest self.

The first things i had to do was realize that I MATTER and that going after what i want matters way more than anything else. I have been so distracted by unnecessary people and things that i forgot my main focus in life and that was becoming my highest self and reaching my fullest potential and i have mentioned this in my previous post that i have declared 2018 as my year of action and year of doing.

The first thing i had to do was face my problems head on and take accountability for whatever it is that i had in my life being in the state that it has been, realizing that self care is more than just spa days and taking care of my body but it is dealing and taking care of myself emotionally and as well taking care of my mental health and knowing who i want in personal space, i am really sensitive to energies and who i let into my personal space too many people can fuck you up mentally and that can mess you up and i genuinely feel i have allowed that and i am changing that. One other important thing that has hindered me to become my highest self is being around non-supportive  people, people who you think are your friends but really they just do not want to see you succeed i need to do better and rid them out of my life that is part of self care.

Through out the year i will be doing things and focusing more on myself and caring as well as loving myself and reaching the deepest part of myself to allow myself to grow more and better and not only become my highest but reach the highest vibration of myself  and bloom into something spectacular.  And i hope you do the same for yourself.